Give a Park, Get a Park Design Competition
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REGISTER in advance of your gapgap competition application BEFORE JULY 31!

We require all interested applicants to declare their interest before submitting applications. Upon registering you will receive instructions on how and where to submit your application, which is due at 12:00 PM EST on July 31, 2017.  For more information on the entire competition process please see the competition brief.

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Primary Contact Name
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Entrants will have the opportunity to ask questions by email to the competition commission, the City of Detroit Planning and Development Department and General Services Department. Questions should be e-mailed to This is the main method of communication for entrants. Please note that telephone inquiries will not be accepted, and the latest date for submitting inquiries is July 28, 2017.  Teams selected to participate will have further opportunities to discuss and clarify competition objectives.

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