Give a Park, Get a Park Design Competition


Three Mile Mothers Park (5).jpg


Morningside is a far east-side neighborhood with a combination of historic homes and newer built Habitat for Humanity houses. Residents range from school children to seniors, all of whom are seeking more park amenities.  The only city park in this neighborhood is Fiori Park, an inactive park less than half an acre, on the very north border along the I-94 highway.  The proposed park site at the corner of Three Mile Drive and Munich would relocate this single amenity to a more much accessible location.  The challenge is to address the four soon-to-be vacant street corners and give this neighborhood the real park that they have long been waiting for.


How can four corners combine to make one cohesive park? This site features a number of particular, dynamic conditions that must be harnessed: 1) the northeast corner features an existing community-built memorial called Mothers Park; 2) the northwest corner is currently vacant but will expand with a planned house demolition; 3) the southeast and southwest corners have blighted houses that will be demolished; and 4) the southwest corner has a mid-block playscape that was recently built without community input and must be merged with the larger design.


  • Currently a four-way intersection allows one-way, non-stop traffic from north to south and bidirectional yield traffic east-west.  What kinds of traffic calming methods or traffic pattern adjustments could provide safety for residents, especially with the prospect of four corner park pieces?  
  • Incorporate the existing mid-block park with its playground equipment into the larger design vision.  Should the playground be re-positioned?
  • Incorporate the existing Mothers Park memorial into the larger design vision.  It is a space for community art, murals, and gathering for meetings.  How might this program and unique character be celebrated, maintained and also enhanced?  
  • Design residential screening from park activities and improve lighting, security and surveillance methods.  How can a residential park be a safe, space and but also remain buffered from adjacent homes?
  • Increase fitness opportunities for all age groups. What kinds of activities will safely and proportionally fit in this space?