Fun times with families in Detroit

The fifth annual harvest fest celebration is being held today in downtown Detroit we’re talking about trick-or-treating hay rides food trucks. Joins us live from the Roberts Eve valet park where. all the free fun is happening and you’ve got some pumpkins there Jen oh yeah I you know what a my favorite part of my job is making new friends and I got to hang out some. cool cool people this morning we are currently painting pumpkins these pumpkins by the way they’re free today during harvest Festa everyone’s got their own sort of creative vibe going. on here we’ve got a red pumpkin a match to the

Red Power Ranger over there with some creative faces that these gentlemen have not revealed what they’ve been painting yeah cuz they’re still working on their masterpieces but this is really cool because today is the very first day that the park is open and I’m sitting next newbabychoice.com to Rachel you’re I of course helping run this event today but there’s gonna be a lot of events in the future as well this is got to be an exciting. day for you or sure this is a super exciting day for the riverfront Conservancy so we’re so excited to open up this park it will feature the programming that we have that’s consistent throughout the riverfront so we feature program on conservation. we have a lot of recreation activities and arts and culture like these kids painting .

pumpkins I love it so you just said you’re done so tell me about your pumpkin can you show it off so this is the happy side okay. I’m looking at the happy side right now right let’s show let’s try friends on TV there’s a happy side right mm-hmm okay. so friends on TV you’re seeing the happy side and then what happens when we spin them the mean side Oh double sided pumpkin very creative who else is done over here are you done can you tell us about your pumpkin [Music] can you show me your face let’s see.

can you spin it around so I can see it oh nice so today I mean there’s this entire when you look at the beach the entire beach filled with pumpkins and I mean we’ve got some people here too which is exciting since the event starts officially at noon but varda. got people here lots of pumpkins in the sand those pumpkins are those free yeah the pumpkins are free everything today for Harvest Fest is free so we’ve got pumpkin painting face painting there will be bounce houses it’ll be a really beautiful afternoon here on the riverfront really well what about that one well that pumpkin doesn’t look.

like it’s been painted yet so maybe that one is for one of the people who are watching TV right now in the camera maybe that pumpkin is waiting for somebody who might stop by the harvest Festa day and for somebody this is a brand-new Park so can you tell us how do people find this Park for sure so the address here is 26 70 at Water Street we’re located basically at the base of Joseph compo in Atwater. so right at the river’s edge and next to the wreath of Franklin amphitheater parking is available there as well all right I love it so lots of events sleeping made easy with some co-sleepers of course it’s gonna be cider and Donuts there’s.

pumpkin carving pumpkin painting there’s gonna be trick-or-treating people I can wear costumes the adults and the kid look at these works of Arts we have and of course I’m. representing with a little WXYZ and a happy smiley face on the back because it makes me happy to be here with you all and with you anywho back to you.

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