Give a Park, Get a Park Design Competition
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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS for the application process

Many questions have been asked this week regarding the application—so we’ve provided an FAQ that might help to answer some of your inquiries.

Q: Am I registered?  What do I need to do before submitting my application?
A: If you received this email then you are registered!  This means we received your basic information and are keeping in touch with you to usher you through the application process.  Please proceed to submitting your application materials to as per the instructions in the competition brief.

Q: Can teams from outside the U.S. apply?
A: We can only accommodate teams from the U.S. and Canada due to logistical travel challenges as well as the extensive community engagement required on-site in Detroit.  If you are a group from Canada simply list your team location as “national” in the registration form and proceed to submit your application following the instructions.

Q: Can we add a member to our team even though we’ve already registered?
A: Yes, you can add more members until you reach the 3 person limit.  Simply resubmit your registration form on the GAPGAP website with the new number of team members and we will update your record.

Q: Can my team comprise more than 3 members?
A: Due to the number of other participating teams we ask that only up to 3 members comprise a single team.  We prefer that individuals who engage with the community be the same ones responding with their designs.  Additional staff from your firm/organization may play support roles but cannot not technically be a part of the team, will not be judged in the application phase, and cannot participate in the various engagement sessions and presentations.

Q: Do I need to have existing community partnerships or previous engagement in the Morningside neighborhood?
A: You do not need to have existing community partnerships or previous engagement in the Morningside neighborhood in order to participate.  The goal of the competition is to bring designers and community members together in a comfortable setting to foster a constructive dialogue.  As such, previous community engagement experience is especially valuable in this design competition and we suggest that you show examples of these skills in your portfolio and in your writing.


Q: Can I have a mix of diverse specialists on my team?
A: Yes you can!  We encourage your team members to bring a range of skills to the table, including but not limited to: community engagement, landscape and architectural design, artistic design in a range of media, engineering prowess, and public speaking skills—whatever you think makes your team a strong, collaborative group.  Please share your perspectives in your portfolio and in your writing.  You may find that you work best with a fellow competing applicant and we encourage you to team up to create an even more compelling application. 

Q: What is the best format to submit the application materials?  Can I add additional cover sheets and do they count toward the page limit?
A: We prefer one combined PDF of the 1) bio; 2) statement of purpose: 3) resumes; and 4) portfolio on letter-size (8.5x11”) sheets in portrait or landscape layout.  Cover sheets and spacer pages do not count toward your total so don’t worry about adding extra pages if you feel it packages the work together better.  The ten-page limit is only for your combined portfolio of work.  If you’ve already submitted your application or prepared it in another format you do not need to reformat it!  Your application materials may call for a variation on the above-mentioned format so feel free to customize them to your liking.

Q: If I have more questions can you answer them before the application deadline on Monday, July 31, 2017 at 12:00 PM EST?
A: We will do our best to answer questions over the weekend via email but responses may not come until Monday morning.  You should read closely over the competition brief under ‘application instructions’ and submit your best work in the most compelling format.  Remember this is a park design competition with extensive community engagement.  We recommend starting with these themes to craft a narrative that expresses your unique contribution to this public design process.