Give a Park, Get a Park Design Competition




This design competition is open to all persons above the age of 18.  However, special consideration will be given to local and regional talent (Detroit and Michigan respectively).  Students and emerging professionals in the fields of landscape architecture, architecture, urban planning, and urban design are especially encouraged to apply. An individual or team of up to 3 individuals may register and compete. No individual, however, may be part of multiple teams. All entrants or teams must register to participate in the competition.

To register, complete the form on the registration page of this website and then submit your application by July 31, 2017. Application submission instructions will be sent to you upon registration. You will need to provide a primary contact’s full name and contact information, team member names and contact information, and relevant details regarding current professions, businesses, or degree programs.

Read more about the multi-stage process, awards and travel stipends, project site description, and design jury by clicking the button below.